Northern Ireland Project - Peaceful Schools International group from SMU

April 11, 2013

Read this enlightening report from students who participated in the PSI project in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Student Reflections 2012-2013

Interpretations and Changes to C Med Policy of ADRIC

January 4, 2013

The National Board has issued two notices that affect the application of the Policy on assessment of C Med applications. The details can be browsed by accessing this document.

Newsletter of the ADR Institute of Ontario

April 30, 2012

ADR Update Spring 2012
ADR Update Summer 2011
ADR Update Winter 2010-11

Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society Newsletter

February 15, 2012

On Board - February 2012
AAMS Connects January 2012
AAMS Connects July 2011

Arbitrators and Accuracy

July 16, 2011

Journal of International Dispute Settlement, Vol. 1, No. 1 ~ Arbitrators and Accuracy

AGM 2011 President's Report

July 5, 2011

View a summary of President Pamela's presentation at the AGM with some additional information about the new Board membership.

Gary Furlong Facilitated a Working Session on June 25th

June 30, 2011

Summary of the Effective Workplace Interventions event .

New C Med Rules Apply September, 1, 2011

April 26, 2011

OLD: Appeal of the decision of the RCMAC is to the Regional Board of Directors, and the National Board of Directors as the final step.
NEW: There is no appeal from the decision of the Regional C. Med Accreditation Committee with respect to the skills assessment.

A decision of the RCMAC may be appealed to the National Audit and Appeal Committee (NAAC) on the basis of policy or procedure only.

The National Board of Directors will make all decisions with respect to policy and procedure and may direct the RCMAC to reconsider the application on the basis of the decided policy or procedure.

Practical Experience:
OLD: The applicant must have completed 10 mediations, at least 5 of which must be paid mediations.
NEW: The applicant must have conducted at least 15 fee paid mediations.

ADR Connect ~ Access to National Database

April 22, 2011

If any member wants to be added to the ADR Connect National database for mediators and arbitrators, please contact and access to allow you to be listed Nationally can be arranged. We modeled our Regional Database after the ADR Connect system but the two databases are not electronically connected and you have to get set up on both.

New ADRIC National Mediation rules come into effect

April 22, 2011

National Mediation Rules & Code of Conduct for Mediators
Règles de médiation nationales et code de conduite des médiateurs