What We Do


ADR Atlantic Institute: Providing ADR Practitioners and the Public with Up-to-Date Resources and Services

The ADR Atlantic Institute (ADRAI) is one of six affiliates of The ADR Institute of Canada, Inc. (ADR Canada), both non-profit organization that shares information about and promotes ideas for continuous improvement and upgrading of ADR as a profession.

Our goal is to assist our members and users of ADR services through:

  • Providing information and education.
  • Maintaining high professional standards.
  • Providing a regulatory structure to ensure members adhere to high standards of professionalism
  • Assisting users of ADR services to locate ADR professionals when required. 

With ADRIC, ADR Atlantic offers the following for practitioners and users of ADR services:

  • We set the “Gold Standard” to protect the ADR profession and the public served by ADR professionals.
  • Codes of Conduct and Ethics governing out members with an established complaint and discipline process.
  • National Arbitration Rules and National Mediation Rules that provide clear, concise processes and procedures for the conduct of commercial arbitrations and mediations. The rules developed by ADRIC and recognized across the country establish time lines and procedures that provide practitioners and users with certainty and clarity, allowing for effective and efficient case administration.
  • Standards for approving arbitration and mediation training courses. 
  • ADR Atlantic carefully evaluates training programs according to established criteria to ensure approved programs meet critical standards.
  • A procedure for granting to our members the highest and only nationally-recognized professional accreditation in Canada, namely, the Chartered Mediator (C.Med.) and Chartered Arbitrator (C.Arb.); Qualified Mediator (Q.Med) and Qualified Arbitrator (Q.Arb);

 ADR Atlantic, ADRIC and its other affiliates inform, educate and update our members by conducting leading-edge, live and distance education courses, seminars, conferences  and workshops to assist practitioners with skill development and provide up-to-date information on new and emerging areas of interest relevant to arbitration and mediation.

ADR Atlantic assists arbitrators and mediators to be heard by:

  • Liaising with government departments and corporations to inform and educate these bodies  on issues that involve or have an impact on arbitrators and mediators;
  • Cooperating with other alternative dispute resolution organizations to ensure the government is informed on issues relevant to arbitrators and mediators.

ADR Atlantic. provides a method for the public to find and engage competent mediators and arbitrators by:

  • Providing members of the public with access to “ADR Connect,” ADR Atlantic's central electronic databank, from which arbitrators and mediators can be selected based on a wide range of criteria including accreditation, specialty, years of experience etc..
  • The creation of special rosters to service particular organization.

To join ADR Atlantic you can complete the application form here, or for further information, contact the President of ADR Atlantic Institute: [email protected] or a Board member in your province.