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RECORDING - Workplace/HR/Labour ADR Series - Session 1
Emergency – Business Continuity Planning – Post COVID-19  – Role and Function of a Workplace Mediator

Recorded on August 19, 2020 - 90 minutes

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Presenter: Viki Scott,
RC (c); BSc; RRP; CHRM; MBA; ADR (c)

Never in our wildest dreams would we ever believe that we would be affected by such a catastrophic event, COVID-19 Pandemic that has had such a significant impact on the Global and specifically our national and local economies.

Many of us believed that planning for things that “might” never happen was a difficult priority to set when other day-to-day challenges are increasingly demanding.

The lack of an emergency business continuity response plan may lead to severe losses such as multiple casualties and possible financial collapse of an organization.

As we resume business within the “new normal” model, Employers need to understand the process for returning and integrating their workforce into this “new normal” environment; their legal obligations for supporting the workforce during this process; and what needs to be done to move forward in support of this “new normal” environment.

The business operations we knew in the past, are now the past.

Learning Objectives:

1. The Participant will have a better understanding of the legislative framework that drives the “due diligence” obligations requiring organizations to have in place in support of Employees as we re-open open our businesses.

2. The Participant will be oriented to the elements of a Business Continuity Plan Framework, in preparation for the “second wave” of the COVID-19 virus.

3. The Participant will have a better understanding of what resources, both internal and external, that are required for the development of an effective workforce transition and transformation plan in union and non-union workplace environments.

The Participant will have a better understanding of the role and function of a “Workplace” Mediator as it relates to supporting the workplace restoration process.

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