2019 Membership Categories

The basic membership fee for ADR Atlantic is $207.25 (plus tax).

This fee is calculated this way:

  1. $110 plus HST (15% HST for NS is $16.50, adjusts for other provinces) for membership fees to be paid to ADR Institute of Canada;
  2. Approximately $97.25 for your membership in the ADR Atlantic Institute (automatically adjusts for each province).

Student Member (under review for 2019) ~ a person must be enrolled in a Certificate Program in Conflict Resolution or in a Law program that includes study in ADR. The student membership is intended to allow a person who does not have an income from an ADR practice to have a professional association with practicng mediators, arbitrators and conflict coaches. A key principle is that our members will accept a student at a reduced rate while knowing that the student is not yet a professional ADR practitioner and is not using ADR Atlantic membership to advertize services.

Past Member ~ persons who have been members of ADR Atlantic and who decide to leave active membership may be listed for free as past members (inactive) for one year after their membership has not been renewed. After one year, their profile will be archived and they will no longer be listed on the website. If the person continues to offer ADR services but declines to maintain membership then ADRAI will archive their profile immediately.

Designations Applications Processing Fee (effective July 1, 2013)

Chartered Arbitrator and Charetered Mediator Applications Fee: $200 plus HST

Qualified Arbitrator and Qualified Mediator Applications Fee: $100 plus HST

NOTE: the fees listed above are used by ADR Atlantic to defray the expenses associated with processing applications from members to hold designations.

In addition to the one-time processing fee, there are yearly fees payable to the National Organization (ADRIC) to hold the designations.